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Full Moon 8.22.21 ~ Find your Rhythm

full moon reports yogiscopes Aug 20, 2021

General Info

A full moon occurs when the sun and moon are completely opposing each other in the night sky, so that the moon is receiving as much light as it can from the sun. This completely illuminated moon is high energy, and the only way to go from the top is down—so start thinking about what you can possibly shed as we head into the next portion of the lunar cycle.

This month’s full moon occurs on Sunday, August 22nd at 8:00am EST in sidereal Aquarius in Dhanishta nakshatra.

Eclectic Aquarius brings independent, forward-thinking, and creative energy to this full moon. During this time, the moon will also be conjunct with retrograding Jupiter and Neptune. This means that tapping into your intuition or leaning on your spiritual teachers can be even more important for bringing good results during this time.

Jyotish gives us the tools of the Nakshatras, or lunar mansions, to get even more specific than the signs, to better understand the energies at play in the cosmos. This full moon is happening in Dhanishta nakshatra. Dhanishtha translates to "the wealthiest one", and is reresented by the stars that form Delphini, the head of a dolphin. This nakshatra spans into the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, but the moon will be on the Aquarius side at the peak of the full moon--i.e. when the moon is directly opposing the sun in Leo.

The symbol for Dhanishta is a drum, and it is sometimes referred to as the "Star of Symphony". The energy this Nakshatra brings to the full moon is of rhythm, music, and good timing--you may find yourself "in the right place at the right time" if you align with this energy. Dhanishta also brings an energetic nature and perhaps a wanderlust.

The sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, brings insightful, disciplined, and charitable nature. Uniting with a community for a common purpose is especially auspicious at this time, and higher learning would be greatly supported by the universe.

In general, favorable activities for the Full Moon includeMusic, dance, celebration, concerts, ceremonies, traveling, creative activities, religious rituals, lending money, financial transactions, meditation, yoga, gardening, treating diseases, commencing education ventures.

Unfavorable activities include: marriage or sexual activity, restrictive behavior, new partnerships (not a good idea in general given that Venus is also debilitated right now, until September), domestic activity, activities requiring tact, ingenuity or tenderness.

Your Yogiscope: yoga practices to harness this energy

In general, new moons and full moons are points in the lunar cycle to draw back from the trappings of daily life and focus on yoga and meditation. Normally, full moons represent a time to reap the benefits of your practice, or let go of parts that are no longer serving, whereas new moons are times to set intentions. So for the full moon, go ahead and start to consider what you can release that may no longer be serving you. It is impossible to invite in new intentions without first creating space, and now is the time to create that space! Exhale and let go.

Given that Dhanishta is symbolized by a drum, practicing kirtan (devotional singing), chanting, or any other rhythmic activity you can use to power up your practice would be especially helpful to align with the energy of this full moon. If you don't already have a mantra/chanting practice, even just chanting the universal sound of Om three times can help align your vibration!

You could also do your regular yoga practice to drumming music (I'll be sending out a playlist in the email for this full moon!), or just put on some beats and dance like a maniac! When you get the energy flowing by moving your body, you'll be able to remove mental and physical blocks so that prana (life force energy--breath, blood, nutrients, neurotransmitters, ENERGY! etc) can flow more freely.

For a journaling exercise: spend some time reflecting on what blocks you've experienced to finding your rhythm in life--whether that be physical tension or ailments, mental limits (self-imposed or otherwise), or anything else. See what you can come up with, because you can't release it until you acknowledge it! This would be good to do in conjunction with your physical practice (before or after is up to you) as described above.

To soothe the nervous system, you could also practice thymus thumping (tapping rhythmically right on the breast bone) or any other marma tapping you may be familiar with. This is also an excellent time to learn about those practices if they are new to you! There's a wealth of information on the internet, but I'd also be happy to personally answer any questions you may have/nerd out with you about the benefits of tapping! 

Above all, this full moon is a time to align with vibrations and rhythms, and maybe also focus on the rhythms of your life--releasing any patterns that may not align with your highest vibe.

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