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September 2021 YOGISCOPE

transits yogiscopes Aug 27, 2021

Yoga Practices for the Astrological Weather - September 2021

The bigger energies we see at play this month are a slow trickle of the planets into Virgo--bringing Virgo season "back to school" vibes, harvest time and entering a season of releasing, as well as an uptick in creativity and sensuality.

In general, to work with these energies, it's a good time to get granular with your usage of time and your needs. It's good to plan for the future, and have an idea of your big picture goals in mind (what do you need to sustain you for the "winter season"??), but then to also get critical with your schedule, habits, and space. Hang on to ONLY what you know will serve your near-future plans. Especially when it comes to reaching goals, sometimes we need to plan and prioritize--which means releasing activities or habits that no longer serve us (even if they used to or might again), to make room to focus on the ones that will be most beneficial right now. What is your big picture goal? What immediate steps can you take to move (no matter how marginally) in that direction? Release everything that doesn't serve that purpose.

Read on to learn more specific ways to work with these energies and dates of when the exact shifts will be happening. Also, don't forget to sign up for your copy of the newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to get your personalized interpretation and beneficial yoga practices to focus on for the month.

Save these dates (or even save the image above!) to be prepared for the energetic shifts, and read on if you'd like to understand more about what to expect with each of these events:

Disclaimer: I am a Vedic Sidereal Astrologer, meaning I these are the astronomically correct placements of the planets. All times listed are in EST, so transits may be happening on a different day or time based on your timezone.

  • 9/5/21 3:20pm Venus in Libra
  • 9/5/21 6:29pm Mars in Virgo 
  • 9/6/21 8:50pm New Moon in Leo
  • 9/14/21 4:51 am Jupiter Retrograde into Capricorn
  • 9/16/21 3:43 pm Sun in Virgo
  • 9/19/21 Rahu in Krittika
  • 9/20/21 7:53pm Full Moon in Pisces
  • 9/21/21 10:40pm Mercury in Libra
  • 9/22/21 Fall Equinox
  • 9/27/21 1:10am Mercury Retrograde in Libra

 For a snapshot overview of how to work with these energies, or if you want to just know what main practices to focus on, see (or even save!) the image below: (also typed out below for accessibility and clarity)

Overview of Practices to focus on:

 1. Commit (or recommit) to your daily practice: yoga or otherwise, but please try to make it include moving your body and quieting your mind. This is related to all the Virgo energy.

2. Give yourself creative freedom in your practice. This means that while it is good to have a regular time and space carved out for your practice, what you do during that practice could benefit from a lack of structure to create space for creativity. This is related to all the Virgo energy, plus Venus moving into its home sign of Libra.

3. Find a regular routine to connect to your teacher(s). Teachers can provide the objective view of ourselves and inspiration that we sometimes need. When Jupiter retrogrades into Capricorn mid-month, having this established relationship will become extra beneficial--because our connection to gurus (inner and outer) may get distorted, and will be eased by structure.

4. Create your ideal schedule and stick to it! The devil is in the details, but don't lose sight of the big picture. Venus in Libra brings a dreamy energy, and a focus on luxury and the arts--which might feel super nice after it's transit through debilitation in Virgo. So let yourself dream, and be creative! And dream big! But, there is still a HUGE amount of (good) Virgo energy happening all month, so to make the most of the dreaminess, make sure you have a solid structure in place to give those dreams their best chance at manifesting into reality. 

5. Check in with yourself emotionally and release what no longer serves you. As we move towards the harvest moon, fall equinox, and Rahu entering Krittika nakshatra, it is a really prominent time for releasing and paring down in general. It will be beneficial to balance the analytical and logical Virgo energy with some emotional awareness--and your may feel pulled to do so when Venus enters Libra early in the month as well. When you contemplate your behaviors and habits, it is good to not neglect the emotional component--maybe you indulge in certain behaviors that seem not to serve your bigger goals for emotional reasons, perhaps. Just examine what you come up with, and release things that don't seem to serve your highest purpose.

6. Focus on grounding practices or practices that increase Agni (like chakras 1-3). There is a lot of air energy in the cosmos as we approach Vata season in the Northern hemisphere. All of the Virgo placements bring that earthy grounding energy, and Rahu moves into a Nakshatra ruled by Agni, the purifying fire. Practices with the first chakra are grounding, second chakra increases creative and sensual energy (Venus in Libra!), and third chakra will stoke your Agni--digestive fire AND your motivation.

7. Check in with your intentions often, and embody them, especially with your speech. In keeping with the theme of getting granular with your everyday routines, it this practice will further help balance the dreamy Venus in Libra energy with the strong, sensible Virgo (ruled by Mercury, communication) energy. Try this easy check in frequently to make sure your actions serve your highest purpose and goals. Ask yourself: What is my intention in doing or saying this? Am I embodying my intention right now?

Here's the breakdown of each individual energy shift:

 Venus in Libra & Mars in Virgo on the 5th

The 5th will be a big energy shift day, because these two transits are happening a couple hours apart--and during the shadow period of the New Moon! Venus enters Libra just before Mars enters Virgo, meaning they do not join together, even briefly. Mars will join mercury in Virgo.

Venus entering its own sign of Libra brings uptick in passion, focus on creativity, and a more positive air in relationships than the last few weeks have seen. Mars entering Virgo will bring more ease in communicating, playful, witty energy, and passion that benefits from structure. Keep an eye out for "flare ups" of health conditions as well--but if your flare up is in terms of more passion about your health, then that is a great way to utilize this energy to your benefit.

Remember, sometimes waiting for inspiration to strike can take forever. This month is an excellent time to carve out space in your life--by scheduling time in your days and enacting habits to allow for creative time. It will be during this time, especially if it happens at regular intervals, that you set yourself up for success to experience more frequent bouts of passion (that Mars energy! when paired with Mercury in its own sign of Virgo). 

New Moon in Leo: Purva Phalguni Nakshatra on the 6th

New moons are always times to set intentions and make good "fresh start dates" for anything you may be trying to manifest. Use this day to draw back from the world, focus on your inner world, and clear out your energy to start again fresh.

Purva Phalguni Nakshatra is ruled by Venus, adding to the sensual and creative energy of this time, so while beginning new activities and doing deep healing work healing are not favorable, it is a good time focus on luxury, pursuits of kama--enjoyment. Check out this podcast episode for a better explanation of kama. Marriage and relationships ARE favorable on this Moon Day. Try not to let this energy influence you to be impulsive or selfish, though.

Stay tuned for the new moon YOGISCOPE coming out next week (Friday 9/3) for more specific details and practices of this New Moon!

Jupiter Retrograde into Capricorn on the 14th

 Jupiter is debilitated in restrictive Capricorn, but it will also be sitting with retrograding Saturn and Pluto. If you can strengthen your connection to your teachers and your inner guru BEFORE this time, you will be in good shape to continue that energy throughout the approximate month-long transit.

Sun in Virgo on the 16th

This transit brings a focus on health and wellness, and the aligning with the energy of the Sun will bring vitality. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! With the practical approach brought by earthy Virgo, make sure you get back to basics when it comes to taking care of your health. Do you need to schedule any appointments? What about scheduling time in your days to take care of pro-health habits? This podcast episode can help with creating Ayurvedic routines if you feel stuck.

Rahu in Krittika on the 19th

Rahu continues its transit in Taurus for a few more months, but towards the middle of this month it changes Nakshatras, or lunar mansions, giving it a slightly different flavor or energetic feel. Krittika is known as The Cutter, and is ruled by Agni, the purifying fire. This transit happens RIGHT BEFORE (during the shadow period of) the Full moon and Fall equinox, adding to the releasing energies of this month. This energy lasts for a while longer though, so think of it as an entrance into a period of releasing. Look to the house that Taurus falls in for you (get your birth chart here) to get a deeper insight into what area of life this may impact, or sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page. Also please reach out to me if you have trouble deciphering which house Taurus is in for you, I'd be happy to help.

Full Moon in Pisces (9/20) & The Fall Equinox (9/22)

The full moon is happening in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, which symbolized by a funeral pyre, and also has a two-faced head as symbol--one face looking into the past and the other looking into the future, and is ruled by Saturn. This adds to the air of structure and discipline during this cycle, and signifies the precipice we are on. What can we release from the past--and no longer carry it with us--so that our future can be more aligned with our true hopes and wishes?

To go in depth with how to work with this energy, please join us for the Full Moon Mini Retreat!

Mercury enters and retrogrades in in Libra 

Mercury enters Libra on the 21st, right in between the Full Moon and Fall Equinox. It will stay there for about a week before going retrograde. When Mercury enters Libra, it is a time of contemplating your truth, and finding balance between who you've been and who you'd like to be. It could be a time of finding new, dreamier ways to express yourself. Enjoy this energy until it becomes distorted when Mercury goes retrograde! No worries though, just double proof-read your emails, back up your documents frequently, and think before you speak. The retrograde will be over before you know it!


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