Birth Chart Reading


Are you at a crossroads? Feeling stuck? Feeling like you could just know yourself better? 

A Vedic Birth Chart Reading can help you dive deeper into your self-study (svadhyaya) journey than ever before, and find the answers you seek from WITHIN!

Learn your karmic blueprint and truly begin your Astrology journey with a Birth Chart Reading!

In a birth chart reading, we meet over zoom for 60 minutes to discuss the main features of your birth chart. We will discuss all of your planetary placements and what they may mean, and from there we will dive deeper into the areas of your choosing. We may look at:

  • your sense of self, and how it may shift or change in terms of expression through your lifetime

  • your early childhood life - how it shaped you and how you may want to reinforce or reinvent those patterns

  • your career - what would be most aligned, how to show up better, and of course, what will create a more effortless flow of income!

  • your relationships (not just intimate partners, but business, friends, family, all of them!)

  • past life karmas, this life karmas, and your dharma (life purpose) and how you can better align with your highest purpose to create more flow in your life

  • your creativity, projects, life’s work (what you’re “here for”)

  • what the major energies or shifts coming in the next year(s) will be - like looking at an astrological "weather report" so you can get your "raincoat" and be better prepared for what the universe has in store for you!

And anything else, really! The stars are the limit!

Folks often come to readings to get answers to questions like:

  • Should I change careers? Or, when would be a good time to make shifts at work?

  • Should I move? 

  • Should I change my relationship status, or will I soon?
  • What is MY unique path, or how can I create more flow in my life?
  • How long will I be struggling with _____? When will I find relief? Or, what yoga practices can help with ____?

After your reading, you will receive a recording of the virtual session, a pdf of your birth chart, and detailed notes about all the information we covered in the session, that are yours to keep forever. Folks often find that the session is PACKED with info that they refer back to for a long time to come!

*booking link sent in follow-up email after check-out

What People Are Saying:

Rose guided me through such a supportive and nourishing birth chart reading. All of her interpretations and explanations about my chart really resonated with me. Her support helped guide me through different aspects of my career, relationships, and overall personality. I am so grateful to have Rose’s support and I feel safe sharing with her! Thank you Rose! Namaste.

Emma C.

Rosemary is very knowledgeable and super skilled in vedic astrology. Her approach is practical and applicable to your everyday life. She's genuinely dedicated to teaching the basics at the very least. And offers much more. I can't imagine a better teacher at this time in my life and am grateful for her. She truly operates in her gift.

Rebecca N.

Rosemary is incredible!! Knowledgeable, kind, funny, willing to explain any and everything she can, even if you don’t have any prior experience. Her reading was so insightful and really resonated. 10/10 would highly recommend!!

Ailey O.

$227.00 USD