14. Neural Pathways and Samskaras

Episode #14

Are your habits and patterns serving you? Does your lifestyle feel sattvic (pure) and filled with ease? Chances are, if you're human, the answer to both of those questions is not always. Same here! This episode encapsulates everything I've learned about neuroscience and yoga philosophy related to changing our habits and behaviors to live a more aligned life--aligned with our intentions, that is, and in a way that feels easy, pure, and at our highest personal level of health, whatever that may look like individually.

"What fires together wires together" is a saying that captures the neuroscience of conditioning and behavior choices. Samskara, the Sanskrit word meaning "impression", is an analogous concept from yoga philosophy. Listen to find out more about how applying these concepts to your life can help you create the change you may be seeking in a sustainable way! Stay tuned until the end to learn about the koshas, and a simple exercise to put the concepts into practice.


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