Astronomy vs. Astrology + Enneagram

Episode #11

When you find out that the sun wasn't actually literally where your horoscope says it was when you were born, it can feel a little bit like an identity crisis if you enjoy astrology. If you want to stay true to science and use astrology as a tool for self exploration, it can feel like those to priorities are incompatible.  Never fear, The Science of Light is here! 

In this episode, we take a crash course from a friend of mine who used to teach college classes about the differences between astronomy and astrology. I learned some things, and go to ask her my burning desire questions about how astrological concepts relate to science, specifically physics and astronomy! Tune in to learn what it literally means when a planet is "in" a sign, what it means when a planet goes retrograde, what the "nodes of the moon" are,  and more. 

We also explore some psychological concepts related to using astrology as a tool, like self-fulfilling prophecy, sense-making tools, astrology as a self-study tool, and getting an astrology reading to be coached in a motivational interviewing format (which I am also trained in, head to my website to book a reading!). 

And, lastly, we compare astrology to enneagram (which I know almost nothing about). Mariah describes a little about what enneagram is and how it is used as a tool for self-examination. We discuss some of the pros and cons to using astrology versus enneagram.

If you want to find Mariah, don't!

She is not speaking for the observatory she works for, which is why we are not including her last name or the name of her work. She's just sharing her knowledge for our fun and learning purposes!

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