25. Work Life Balance: A Yogic Perspective

 Is finding a balance between work and life frequently a struggle? You're not alone, and yoga can help! The good news is, yoga philosophy and especially Vedic astrology offer some validation that we will be constantly in a dance between the inner and outer worlds! In this episode, I go over several tools and techniques from yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish (Vedic astrology) to help make this dance a little smoother. Sometimes, one takes a priority over the other--we must take time off from work for our health or family, or sometimes we must focus more on work to meet a big goal. Listen for tips to find balance, and make sure you take advantage of the companion Dharma worksheet to this episode! 

“As is your desire so is your will, as is your will so is your deed, as is your deed so is your destiny" - The Upanishads

The primary tool described in this episode is the Purusharthas, or the Four Aims of Life. These are Dharma (life purpose, moral compass), Artha (pursuit of wealth and material comfort), Kama (pleasure, enjoyment, fulfillment), and Moksha (spiritual liberation or a sense of ease in this lifetime). We are all trying to balance these four aims all the time! I describe how to see these in your birth chart to see what your natural tendencies are, and how to use transits (astrological weather) to see if you might be headed towards a season of one area taking a forefront. You can also use the companion worksheet for this episode to help organize your thoughts and gain clarity on what you might need to do to find more balance.

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