35. Inner Home for the Holidays: Pratyahara & Santosha

Bombarded by capitalism at this time of year? Having a hard time with the holiday season? Feeling pressure to be pulled in a bunch of different directions? Grief that makes this time not feel like the "Happiest Time of The Year"? I feel you. And, yoga can help! Because of course it can. The end of the year holds many holidays across many cultures, and I personally feel the impacts in a huge way here in the US. There are also astrological reasons for this energy we may be feeling (covered on my Yogiscopes podcast), as well as Ayurvedic influences- covered on this episode, and will be covered more during this series of episodes. 

Tune in to hear the astrological, Ayurvedic, and capitalistic influences happening at this time of year, and how to use yoga practices to help feel more at ease during this intense time. Specifically, I explain how to use pranayama and asana to tune out the intense energies (pratyhara, sense withdrawal), and feel more gratitude for what we already have (santosha, contentment). 

This episode also serves as an intro to the Inner Home for the Holiday series here on The Science of Light, where we will discuss tools to wind down your 2021 in the best way so that you can set yourself up for the MOST success in the New Year. 

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