41. Holistic Women's Wellness + Reproductive Rights with Kelsey Reep

Listen to this inspiring human share how she is building her passion project after seeing a gap in the women's wellness world! Kelsey is a therapist (LCSW--Licensed Clinical Social worker) who is passionate about wellness, particularly women's wellness, including abortion support; reproductive rights. Along with her formal education/training, Kelsey's own healing process has directly inspired her professional practice. Kelsey is dedicated to first honor the psycho-social-spiritual female experience, while providing counseling, education, exploration, & resources that empower women to find harmony among their unique cycles, phases, and seasons.

Kelsey is local to Asheville, NC and began Aligyned Counseling based on all of her passions, healing process, and gaps she saw in the field. In this episode, she details how she ended up seeing the need and starting her practice, which offers not only holistic women's wellness in the mind, body, spirit, sense, but also includes judgement-free abortion support (a piece frequently left completely out of these spaces).

She shares on what it was like to experience a Saturn return during the pandemic, experiencing burnout in her field and how it made her realize things were a little misaligyned (pun intended!) for her, and the gaps she saw in the psychology/counseling field after experiencing her own abortion. She also shares a book that helped her learn about cycle tracking (Woman Code by Alisa Vitti), and what her practice looks like now, along with some of the realities of building something like that.

To connect with Kelsey:

Her website: https://www.aligyned.com

(Find her email, social media, and how to sign up for support groups all there!)


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