44. Frequencies, Shadow Work, and Sound Healing with SaraWolf of Creatrix Culture

SaraWolf is a Quantum and Sound Healer and Spiritual Podcast Host. In this episode, she shares her spiritual and healing journey in such a real and relatable way! Tune into this episode to learn how she is truly bringing a Creatrix Culture to the world (and what that means if you're unsure)--and super helpful tips from SaraWolf's wisdom on how to create the life you want!

Some topics covered in this episode:

  • Shadow work while sober
  • Working through a dark night of the soul
  • Studying the law of attraction and manifestation through a shadow work lens
  • Spiritual shaming and/or gaslighting
  • Speaking into existence
  • Frequencies, vibrations, sound healing, and empowerment
  • Ozone therapy - what it is, how to use it

How to find SaraWolf:

All social platforms @CreatrixCulture


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