45. Yoga for Burnout, Stress, and Overwhelm

Have you ever felt like you had more to do than you could realistically accomplish in the time you needed to have it done? Or have you ever felt so depleted and exhausted that resting didn't rejuvenate you in the same way it did before? Like, you can't destress because when you try to relax you can only think about how you should be working on the things that stress you out? If you've experienced these things, or otherwise just felt disconnected and disenchanted by your work or daily activities that used to light you up, you might be experiencing burnout.

In this episode, I dive into what burn out is, how it overlaps with and/or differs from other things like depression, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, and overwhelm. Then, of course, I share yoga philosophy lessons as well as yoga practices and astrology techniques for self-study to help deal with burnout, overwhelm, and potentially depression.



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