47. Meditation, Motherhood, and Marketing to Increase Your Impact with Carolyn Choate

This episode feels to me like a great place to leave off as I take a maternity leave! Carolyn shares so authentically and vulnerably about her story, uncovering sooo many valuable and applicable insights to many areas of life--meditation practice, parenting and work-life balance, following your intuition into authenticity, and marketing. The marketing insights, in my opinion, are valuable to anyone--even if you have no desire or need to learn HOW to market online, understanding digital marketing in this way will make you a more informed consumer for sure!

Carolyn Choate discovered a gift for digital marketing in her late thirties (which came as a great surprise since her degree is in poetry...) She sees sales funnels the way others see auras. And sheโ€™s putting that talent to good use by working with manifestation and mindset coaches to amplify their voices and bring their gifts to the world.


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