48. Ayurveda for Pitta Season (Yoga to beat the heat of summer!)

Ayurveda translates to "The Science of LIFE" and it encapsulates so much wisdom on how to live a yogic lifestyle--how to take your yoga practice off the mat and incorporate Vedic wisdom into everything you do. From dinacharya (daily routines) to diet and more, Ayurveda makes crafting a good life super simple!

In Ayurveda, everything in the material world is governed by three main doshas or qualities--Vata (air and ether elements), Pitta (fire and water elements) and Kapha (earth and water elements). 

Summertime (here in the northern hemisphere) is governed by Pitta dosha, and we are definitely starting to feel the heat! If you're experiencing signs of pitta imbalance (tune in to find out what those are! but some examples are burnout, dehydration, overheating, etc), this episode is for you! I share wisdom from Ayurveda about how to easily tone down burnout in your life.


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