53. Physiology of Yoga with Dr. Andrew McGonigle, Doctor Yogi

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Andrew McGonigle has been studying anatomy for over twenty years, originally training to become a doctor and then moving away from Western medicine to become a yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher. He combines all of his skills and experience to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses internationally and runs his own Yoga Anatomy Online Course. His book Supporting Yoga Students with Common Injuries and Conditions: A Handbook for Yoga Teachers and Trainees was published in March 2021 and his new book The Physiology of Yogawas published in June 2022. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband. 

Tune into this captivating episode to hear a fantastic yoga story of taking the traditional path and then tuning into heart-centered nudges to live a life fully expressed. You can hear Dr. Andrew McGonigle's lightbulb moment of putting the pieces his colorful background and journey together to put something out there that the world needs, and that he could make money at!  

The outcome of that journey was definitely something (in my opinion) the yoga world needs more of! This shows the value of asking yourself "what is it about my path that makes me unique and my offering unique?" then actually acting on that information and creating the space to do so! 

Topics and themes of this episode:

  • following your heart & moving from traditional to more expressed - learn the structure and the rules and then follow your heart and add your spin

  • manifesting the life of your dreams more around what you want life to feel like, rather than specific outcomes (like the whole point of the Bhagavad Gita!)

  • not restricting yourself based on fears, or how you conceptualize your place in the world

  • behind the scenes look at the process of book writing (highlighting SOME ideas about what manifesting your dream life could be like)

  • using transferrable skills! when you pivot to something seemingly unrelated

  • critical thinking & how to apply it

  • myth or fact in yoga: honoring the ancient philosophy while also honoring ahimsa and not doing harm given our current scientific knowledge

  • specific deep dive into yin, fascia, cold muscles discussion in the yoga world

  • nothing is separate, including in anatomy, it is all interwoven

  • bring science and magic together, using science to more fully experience magic
    answering questions brings up more questions - keep exploring and following curiosity!

  • nuances of differences between anatomy and physiology

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30 hour online yoga anatomy course: https://onlinecourse.doctor-yogi.com/p/yoga-anatomy-online-course
Book club starting 9.8.22: https://www.doctor-yogi.com/workshops 

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