55. Taking Your Healing into Your Own Hands with Kimberly Giunta, Ayurvedic Lyme Specialist

Does fear of tick borne illness ever keep you from hiking or playing outside in the way you would like to? Never fear, ayurveda is here! Tune into this episode to hear how Ayurveda (lifestyle yoga practices) can help live in harmony with Lyme disease / other chronic tick-born illnesses such as rocky mountain spotted fever, etc.

Āyurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Teacher Kimberly Giunta supports people living with Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) to feel better and thrive personally and professionally.   She believes that optimal health is our birthright and, with optimal health, we get to experience all that we came here to do and be.   Kimberly’s insights into healing have helped her recover her vitality after living with CLD for almost two decades. When she’s not helping her clients with proven Āyurvedic and Yogic health strategies, you can find her hiking with her golden retrievers or in her kayak photographing sunsets.

Topics covered in this epsiode:

  • dark night of the soul - spiritual and emotional things that came up as a result of having intense health challenges, despite living a healthy lifestyle
  • allopathic "idiopathic" symptoms and how chronic lyme disease manifests from an ayurvedic perspective
  • pitta and vata imbalances and their symptoms - especially as it relates to sleep
  • tools from ayurveda: marma points (similar to trigger points, accupressure from Traditional Chinese Medicine), lifestyle practices for better sleep

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