56. Yoga for Bendy People with Dr. Libby Hinsely, PT, DPT, C-IAYT

Were you drawn to yoga because it comes easily to you? Or, conversely, have you never felt like you were very "good" at yoga because your aren't naturally flexible? This episode will be a fun one no matter which side you fall on--because it helps turn that idea of yoga=flexibility on it's head! Tune in to hear more therapeutic applications of yoga and so much more!

On this episode, we unpack hypermobility, and why a lot of extremely bendy folks are drawn to yoga (which might also make folks who are not very bendy feel like yoga is not for them!), and we really dive into a more functional approach to the practice that works for bendy and non-bendy people alike!

Libby Hinsley is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Yoga Therapist specializing in the treatment of chronic pain, hypermobility disorders, and yoga-related injuries. She has taught yoga for 17 years and has trained yoga teachers for over a decade. Her new book — Yoga for Bendy People: Optimizing the benefits of yoga for hypermobility — explores how people with joint hypermobility can avoid injury and instead, use the tools of yoga to support their thriving. The book is for all yoga teachers as well as bendy practitioners. Libby is also the co-founder of Anatomy Bites, a monthly membership for yoga teachers who want to learn anatomy in a fun, supportive, and highly relevant way.

On this episode, Libby shares her story of going from practicing yoga in college to eventually teaching on the side of her desk job, how her practice was a factor in chronic injury, and what she found instead to continue enjoying the practice without continuing to contribute to injury. You can also hear the beautiful offerings she has put into the world as a result of being an advocate for herself and now all bendy yoga lovers! Libby is a wonderful example of someone creating a heart-led and world-needed career! 

Topics Covered in this episode include:

- Going from philosophy and environmental studies, desk job practicing ashtanga to viniyoga therapeutic style practicing and teaching and a physical therapist / yoga therapist for hypermobility

- function over form, breath centric practice, and Viniyoga / lineage of Desikachar 

- considerations of lineages and how they evolve in the U.S. vs India

- thereapeutic application of yoga and how to devise an appropriate practice, and how our practices can and should evolve to meet our changing needs over time

- chasing down specialists and not having anyone to help connect the dots of symptoms

- hypermobility syndromes, symptoms, and brain anatomy differences

- hypermobility related symptoms: digestion and leaky gut, low blood pressure & POTS (postural orthostatic tachychardia), anxiety and sympathetic arousal, enlarged amygdala (threat detection center) resulting in hyper vigilance

- connective tissue vs muscle myths & facts (fascia!)

- pregnancy, relaxin, collagen in the body and collagen supplementation

- the role of interoception (sensation awareness) and proprioception (awareness of where your body is in space)

- why the current way yoga teachers learn anatomy is like "trying to sip water out of a fire hyrant" and what Libby has come up with instead (anatomy bites!)

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