57. Common Yoga Injuries and How to bring Stability to your Flow with Dr. Lauren Shelton

Fix your vinyasa with actionable tips from this episode! Left to our own devices, most of us will just further our imbalances because it's what we're good at and what feels comfortable. Learn why you need to be adding in strengthening practices to prevent injuries from practicing yoga.

Dr. Lauren is an anatomy guru who loves educating yogis on their bodies so they can prevent injury in their practice. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University, and immediately upon graduation knew she wanted to complete her RYT-200.   Teacher Training had a profound effect on her practice as a PT, and she began to realize she had a greater passion for PREVENTING injury than for treating injuries.   She went on to complete an Orthopedic Residency at Mayo Clinic Florida, becoming a Board-Certified Ortho Specialist.  

Now she works full time on developing a program detailed in the episode called StabilityFlow. It is an online membership that will have both live and prerecorded classes each week. Unlike traditional yoga, each class will incorporate strategic strength and stability training of muscles that are typically left out in yoga- with the goal of preventing pain and injury.She incorporates her knowledge as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and yoga instructor to bring you the best of both worlds 😊  

Topics covered in this episode:

- physical goals beyond the aesthetic, putting health above the way your body looks

- physical therapy for preventing injuries

- taking breath knowledge and wisdom from yoga into orthopedic physical therapy 

- cross training and overuse injuries

- common flow yoga / power yoga injuries: wrist pain, shoulder pain and injuries, SI joint pain or injury

- what's really going on with "yoga butt", your hamstrings, "sits bones", piriformis, and sciatica and anatomy of the sciatic nerve

- common pitfalls in high plank and chaturanga dandasana and 3 easy tips to ease wrist pain

 -how to make yoga safer for people with hypermobility

- specific poses that can cause pain and how to prevent them

- How Lauren's program StabilityFlow helps understand the muscle imbalances that power yoga can create and how we can prevent them

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