58. Healing Trauma with Somatic Therapies with Katy Adams

"Trauma isn't the thing that happens, its the meaning we make of it" quoted Katy Adams, talking about her work in becoming a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

Let's go on a wild ride from moving cattle on a ranch with your nervous system, to developing (and healing from!) chronic fatigue syndrome, switching careers 10 years in, and self-publishing a book. 

This inspirational interview with Somatic Therapist Katy Adams is packed with vulnerability, insight, realness, and research-backed practices!

Katy has been a somatic therapist for over a decade, and has expanded her career to include Somatic Coaching. Katy is a former writing English professor and writing instructor and created a trauma-informed journaling technique called Somatic Writing. Katy lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Listen to the end to hear about the book she is working on self-publishing, where she covers the culmination of her life's work: actionable things you can do on your own to heal yourself from trauma, expand your window of tolerance so you can experience more true joy and good feelings in life.


Key points in the episode:

  • Katy Adam's story of how she got into somatic therapy work (including her experience with chronic fatigue syndrome) 
  • Explanation of Somatic Experiencing (SE) and where it comes from 
  • EMDR explanation & how research impacts Somatic Experiencing vs EMDR 
  • window of tolerance, memory packets, and other considerations in trauma therapy 
  • science of EMDR vs SE, bilateral stimulation in yoga and trauma therapy 
  •  Trauma vortex and counter vortex 
  • The role of yoga and journaling in trauma therapy (and research to support!)
  •  Following your Dharma: "I wanna do the work that comes out of who I am"  
  •  pendulation vs titration and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in yoga and somatic experiencing 
  • book writing process with a full time job, self publishing without a social media following 
  • The book framework: Somato-Emotional Endurance (and how it aligns with the chakras!) 

where to find Katy Adams

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katyadamsyall

Websites: https://www.katyadams.com / https://www.serpentdovewellness.com


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