61. Emotional Sobriety through Yoga and the 12 Steps with Rosie Mulford

Tune into this riveting story to hear how yoga can bring healing and self-realization after addiction and despair, and leave the episode feeling uplifted inspired, and with new tools in your toolbox.

Rosie took her first yoga class in Coconut Grove, Florida in 1974.  Her instructor was Eve Diskin-then the Director of the American Institute of Yoga.  During college and for a short time after, Rosie concentrated on her ballet studies, incorporating her yogic knowledge into her ballet exercises. For the next ten years, she began an intense Yoga practice incorporating Bikram and The Barkan Method under the guidance of Jimmy Barkan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Rosie received her Teacher Training Certificates from Asheville Yoga Center and has been teaching in Asheville, NC since 2005. Rosie is certified in Pre-natal yoga, Vinyasa Flow yoga, Children’s Yoga and has her 500-hour ERYT from Yoga Alliance. Her passion lately is teaching the ways in which combining Yoga with the 12 Steps of AA can offer a freedom from addictions in life- after all, we are each addicted to something! Rosie likes to mimic the challenges we face in real life on the mat, practicing how to share compassion and kindness in everything we do!

Key topics of the episode:

  • Rosie's story of growing up in catholic school in south florida
  • experimenting with other people's medications, other partying in high school
  • starting teaching yoga and going down a dark road -- disordered eating, alcohol, other drugs, suffering in college, codependent relationships, etc.
  • moment of surrender: never pretty, the universe forces you
  • finding her way into AA and teacher training after many years of teaching, weaving in the 12 steps with yoga for ultimate healing
  • emotional sobriety definition
  • how to cultivate emotional sobriety
  • a breath technique you can use right now / anywhere for overcoming desires, addictive impulses, and cravings

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