62. Nuerodivergence, Parenting, and Yoga with Kate Lynch

 Kate is the parent of an amazing atypical kid, an inclusive yoga and meditation teacher, and author of the upcoming book, Atypical Kids, Mindful Parents: The joys and struggles of raising neurodivergent kids.   She began teaching yoga and cultivating community in 2002, hoping to relieve some of the suffering in the world after 9/11. Since then she has shared the tools that help her find joy, healing and calm in the face of self-doubt, pain and anxiety.   Kate's students include deeply feeling, empathetic people who are ready to take themselves off the back burner. Her membership, workshops and retreats are welcoming and friendly, and reflect her core values: empathy, integrity, equity and respect.

Tune in to this raw, real, and relatable story to hear how she went from a stressed out fashion designer in Manhattan, to full time yoga teacher, parent of an atypical kid, and author.

Key topics in the episode:

  • Kate's yoga story
  • harm done by the fashion industry (and ahimsa)
  • trying to conceive and fertility treatments
  • toxic positivity around birth and infancy
  • getting her son's diagnosis
  • mindfulness and co-regulation as a parent
  • Tara Brock's RAIN technique for self compassion
  • writing a book from what she's learned through the pandemic and other life challenges
  • the Kundalini scandal and how to recognize cult dynamics, vs trauma-informed circular (rather than hierarchical) space-holding
  • Kate's book, and her definition of "Atypical Kids" and Neurodivergence
  • tools to use in a meltdown (for any parents!)

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How to Stay Calm During a Meltdown: https://www.healthyhappyyoga.com/meltdown  
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