Practical Manifestation: Jupiter in Aquarius

Jupiter moved into sidereal Aquarius on November 20, and it will stay there until April 13, 2022. This is a powerful transit for bringing expansion into your life, and perhaps manifesting your desires--especially if they relate to your dharma, or the area of life that Aquarius rules over for you (listen to the episode to find out more about this). Aquarius is a sign concerned with the greater good, but it is also ruled by Saturn--so practicality can be really beneficial here. Listen to the episode to learn why/how to work with this energy. 

See below for timestamps for yoga practices, journal prompts, and sign-by-sign yogiscopes. 

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Yoga Practices: 29:07

Journal Prompts: 38:20

How to know which signs to listen to: 45:52

Aries: 46:55

Taurus: 47:55

Gemini: 49:37

Cancer: 51:03

Leo: 52:47

Virgo: 55:16

Libra: 57:09

Scorpio: 59:49

Sagittarius: 1:01:44

Capricorn: 1:04:23

Aquarius: 1:07:22

Pisces: 1:09:08