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FREE and open to all: Manifest Moondays (click to register)

Weekly Yoga Classes & Monthly New Moon Circles normally have a single drop-in option, but for the month of July they are being held for MEMBERS ONLY (while I re-vamp the tech-side of the drop-in process. Plus I'd rather have you all be MORE committed than come-and-go).

Join the Membership to get access to these awesome events:

➡️New Moon for July 2022 scheduled on 7.24.22 at 10am EST.

➡️Weekly astrologically aligned yoga practices held on Wednesdays at 8am EST

Hope to see you there! 💓

Resource Library

These resources are included in membership, but are available for single purchase for those that do not wish to have the full commitment of membership.

More Coming soon!


Birth Chart Reading

Even if you have specific goals with astrology, or maybe you want to focus on a specific area such as career or relationships (these appointment types coming soon!), getting a birth chart reading first is the best way to establish our relationship together. It will help you get to know my style and approach, and it will help me get to know you, your goals, wishes, and place in the world a bit better. Having this established relationship is what will allow me to offer specific guidance sessions in a shorter timeframe.

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