Hello, I'm Rose Holbrook.


I started practicing yoga at a local gym when I was 15, but I lost touch with the practice during a very dark period of my life. Everything changed when I found my way back to the practice, and started to cultivate resilience in my own life. Now, I'm on a mission to share what I've learned with YOU!

My Story


I went from broken, strung out & struggling to happy, resilient, and thriving!

A few months after the photo on the left above was taken, I wound up in jail and went straight from there to a long term rehab program. To hear more of that story, you can check out the first episode of my podcast, The Science of Light.

The photo on the right was taken when I had around 5 years clean. On a mountaintop with my family. Definitely feeling on top of the world compared to the first photo.

Truthfully, my life has been so good for so long that I’ve almost forgotten what it was like to be the girl on the left. A part of me is glad for the visual reminder, but mostly I’m glad to not feel that way anymore. To have my family in my corner again. To not wake up feeling sick every day. To have healthy skin that I feel good in, and stability, and a loving supportive partner. To have the ability to pursue the life I’ve always dreamed of, because I’m not chasing an escape every day. To have the coping skills to feel uncomfortable and unpleasant things. To live! And be alive!

I almost didn’t make it out of there. At the time, I hoped I wouldn’t. I wanted to die. But now, I’m so glad I made it through. 
It was the practice of yoga, and learning the map of my soul by studying Vedic astrology that got me here. Now I want to share the things I've learned with the world! You can learn more through my podcast, blog, or by booking a session with me.

If you’re reading this message, I know that you are here for a reason, and I can't wait to piece that reason together with you! If you're ready to start your resilience journey through Yoga + Astrology, please explore the many resources I have to offer.

Great resources from the Blog

What is Vedic Astrology?

There are a few key differences between the system of astrology given to us by the Vedic rishis (seers or sages) and the system widely used in the West today. Read this blog post to find out more. 

Neuroscience and YOGA

This blog post and the companion podcast episode are really the crux of my work. Learn the science and yoga philosophy behind our conditioning and behaviors, and try the easy practice to uplevel your life today!

Listen to the long version of my story 

On the first episode of my podcast, I share my story. You can read OR listen in this blog post. I talk about my path to recovery, what has shaped me as a person, and how YOGISCOPES evolved.

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