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New Moon 8.8.21 ~ Entwine with your Dharma

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General Info

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are conjoined in the night sky, so that the moon is receiving no light from the sun, but their powers are combined, shining a spotlight on our mind and emotions and forcing us to focus there. This completely dark moon is like a seed—what seeds of intention are you sowing for this new moon, for the upcoming lunar cycle (month)?

This month’s new moon occurs in sidereal Cancer in Ashlesha nakshatra. This lunar mansion is symbolized by a snake, so to gain deep insight into what this could mean, ponder what snakes bring up for you. They are beautiful, strong, and sleek, but they can also inspire fear. When met with fear, snakes can become aggressive. They also represent kundalini energy, said to be a snake coiled at the base of the spine—until it becomes awakened and rises up through each of our seven chakras.

Which of those imageries is more likely to come to mind for you when you think of a snake? If it is fear and aggression rather than beauty and divine feminine awakening, it may be time to examine what stories and conditioning (especially from early childhood) awaken that fear rather than divinity in you.

In general, favorable activities include: activities that require a harsh demeanor, exploring sexuality as a mirror to your soul, kundalini yoga, and clearing your energy, especially by disposing of useless items or diving into the occult (like astrology!) as a means to clear you psyche.

Unfavorable activities include any activities that require beginning completely new activities or starting projects.

Your Yogiscope: yoga practices to harness this energy

The new moon is always a time to take it easy and tend to your inner world. Emotions can be heightened ESPECIALLY with this new moon, so make sure you are giving yourself space to feel those emotions so they don’t cause you to lash out or strike (like a cornered snake). This means it is would be beneficial to lean into the lunar energy by practicing yin yoga, yoga nidra, or other soft, slow practices. It would be especially beneficial to do some meditation work or journaling around nurturing your inner child.

Another favorable practice for this new moon would be working with chakra balancing, especially of the 4th, 5th, and 6th chakras. If you practice kundalini yoga, today would be a great day for such practices. You can try the Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma, chant along or just listen to the ~12minute song, many great renditions can be found through a web search) or try the chakra affirmations below.

Chakra balancing affirmations:

1st - Root Chakra – I Am

2nd - Sacral Chakra – I Feel

3rd -Solar Plexus Chakra – I Can

4th - Heart Chakra – I Love

5th - Throat Chakra – I Speak.

6th - Third Eye Chakra – I See

7th - Crown Chakra – I Understand

How to practice these:

Sit well, or find any position that allows your spine to be long and your body comfortable. Notice your breath, and begin to cultivate your comfortable maximum breath. Spend as long as you like centering and calming yourself by focusing on the breath.

Then, when you are ready, turn your awareness to each chakra—beginning with the root and moving up the spine—breathing in and out of that area for 1-3 rounds, then repeating the mantra silently or out loud 1-3 times. Pause for another breath at that chakra before moving up to the next one.

For quick reference, here are the chakra locations:

1st (Root): “Feet and seat” or right at the base of the spine (sacrum)

2nd (Sacral): The bowl of the pelvis, reproductive organs

3rd (Solar Plexus): Between belly button and ribcage, abs

4th (Heart): Heart center, rib cage, arms/hands

5th (Throat): Throat center

6th (Third eye): center of forehead/between eye brows

7th (Crown): top of the head (the area that is encompassed by a crown)

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