26. Holistic Wellness with Cassie Hoelzl from EVERYbody Podcast

Tune into this serendipitous interview to get two seemingly different, but very overlapping, perspectives on holistic health. I met Cassie on a yoga hike (through namasteinnature.com), and we instantly connected based on our perspectives on holistic health, chronic pain, trauma, and more. We discovered on the trail that we're both podcast hosts and knew this interview had to happen! 

In this episode, we have a conversation about sooo many health topics. From overcoming trauma, growing up in a family of addiction, suffering from addiction, big career changes, and more. We discuss the tools that helped us navigate life's circumstances with a little more ease--from incremental change to using exercise/yoga to satisfy all of the dimensions of wellness. Tune in for lots of nuggets of wisdom and realness!

Check out Cassie's Podcast, which can be accessed from her website: https://www.everbodyhm.com

or find Cassie on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everybodywithcassie/


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