52. What are you accumulating? Ayurvedic Cleansing with Donna Papania, AyurYogi

If you're a cleansing skeptic, this episode is for you. If you're a yogi who loves ayurveda, this episode is also for you.

We often think about doing "spring cleaning" to clear out accumulated gunk, but have you ever considered what GOOD stuff you are accumulating in life? Or, do you intentionally incorporate practices to help you accumulate more good feelings? I certainly hadn't thought of this before hearing Donna Papania's perspective on Ayurvedic cleansing!

Donna spent 10 years in the desert of New Mexico studying with and working for Dr. Vasant Lad, as his assistant consultant and therapist in the cleanse department, teaching his courses and most notably, serving as the head of the Ayuryoga department. She now empowers yogis to move into perfect health and to embrace a deeper connection with themselves by learning their unique path to optimal health. With ayurveda yoga together we live this life fully and expedite our spiritual journey.  

Just check out her extensive list of qualifications! ⬇️
Masters of Nutrition from the University of New Mexico, B.S. Nutrition from the University of New Mexico, B.S. Exercise Science from the University of Southern Mississippi, Ayurvedic Studies Program Levels 1 and 2 from The Ayurvedic Institute, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Ayurvedic Energy Point Therapist, Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist

Topics covered in this episode:

- following nudges by staying connected to source
- Doshas (with a focus on Vata) and Gunas (with a focus on Sattva)
- How Ayurveda helps us maintain Homeostasis
- What is Ayuryoga?
- nitty gritty about the process of an Ayurvedic cleanse (how to AND what happens during it beyond the logistics)
- contraindications of cleansing, and how to navigate tricky situations
- debunking diet culture myths around cleansing
- examples of why you would want to do this with guidance & support rather than on your own (tailoring the experience to your own needs while still maximizing benefits--kind of like anything I share on the podcast, the info is out there, but sometimes support helps)
- fitting Ayurvedic recommendations into our modern, Western lifestyles and constraints
- Science: hpa axis, enteric nervous system, gut brain, the anatomy of prana
- Yoga philosophy: the 5 pranas (prana vayus), facets of vata, moving of energy and directional flow of prana, subtle bodies and the panchamaya kosha model (5 bodies), and how to manipulate prana with asana (postural practice of yoga)

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