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New Moon 7.9.21 ~ Return to the Light

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General Info

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are conjoined in the night sky, so that the moon is receiving no light from the sun, but their powers are combined, shining a spotlight on our mind and emotions and forcing us to focus there. This completely dark moon is like a seed—what seeds of intention are you sowing for this new moon, for the upcoming lunar cycle (month)? This new moon in particular is also conjoined with Mercury, happening in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury—the planet of communication—bringing an element of focus on trade or business activities, short distance travel, rationality and intellect, as well as amplifying the effects of the new moon.

This month’s new moon occurs in sidereal Gemini in Purnarvasu nakshatra. “Punar” means repeat and “vasu” means ray of light, thus Purnarvasu translates to “becoming light again”—signifying a return to the light or renewed hope for old pursuits. The symbol for this nakshatra is a quiver of arrows, which is associated with the ability to strike a target of desire or ambition, no matter how far—mentally or physically. It also signifies relying on your resources, especially those that can be reused, regaining what has been lost, taking flight, and returning home.

Purnarvasu brings harmony after the chaos of the storm. There is a sense of renewing creative pursuits, enlivening them with fresh new ideas and perspectives. The ruling deity is Aditi, the goddess of abundance and the mother of all godly beings. Aditi gives a sensitive and nurturing quality to this nakshatra. The ruling planet Jupiter bestows optimism and an interest in higher learning.

In general, favorable activities include: fresh starts for relationships, projects, and activities; weddings; healing; beginning education; beginning construction or laying a foundation; traveling; pilgrimages; agriculture and gardening; imagination; spirituality; meditation; teaching, working with children, and buying a home or vehicle.

Unfavorable activities include any activities that require harsh behavior—don’t rub the sweet, abundant nature of this Nakshatra the wrong way, please!

Your Yogiscope: yoga practices to harness this energy

Restart a neglected meditation or yoga practice, take some time for self-reflection or spiritual activities, spend some time on educational pursuits, including learning new subjects or new yoga poses. This is also a favorable time for using yoga therapeutically. You can also take your yoga off the mat by renewing relationships with family or friends, or starting a project that benefits others. All nurturing activities are favorable, so gardening or spending time with your children—picking up on the spiritual lessons they have to offer—would be great to tune into today. Lastly, connecting to Mother Earth and the Mother Goddess energy would be a great way to use the energy of this new moon. The Adi Shakti mantra described below is an excellent way to connect with the Divine Mother energy.


Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo


First force of all creation, to You I bow
Divine force, everywhere, to You I bow
Creative force, primal force, to You I bow
Rising up, Divine Mother, to You I bow



Sign by Sign Horoscopes

Each interpretation below will be accurate for your Vedic rising (ascendant) and moon signs. If you don’t know your signs, you can calculate your birth chart here. Remember, as a Vedic astrologer, I use the sidereal zodiac, or the astronomically precise placements of the planets.


How have you been expressing yourself lately? Are there any hobbies that you’ve neglected? This cycle is a great time to get back to your sense of self-expression, whatever that looks like for you! Maybe you want to pick up an instrument, creative pursuit, or physical activity that used to (or that you always thought might) bring you joy. Tap into your inner resources here, Aries, and remember that yoga and meditation are great ways to gain clarity if you’re unsure about what direction to take this! Then get courageous and creative in your self-expression!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


Have you been feeling like getting back on track with a budget? Shifting your diet so that it serves you more? Or maybe you want to be more intentional about your words and the way you speak to yourself or others—this would be a powerful time to focus on making your speech or self-talk a little sweeter. Setting goals related to what goes into and out of your mouth are very auspicious with this new moon, Taurus. Higher learning is extra powerful during this time as well, so if you’ve been dying to learn about Ayurvedic nutrition, or perhaps take a budgeting or self-development course, go for it! Don’t forget to incorporate the nurturing qualities of Punarvasu nakshatra during this time—fully utilize your resources, but make sure to reuse and recycle when you can, return to your inner home when necessary, and then ready, aim, fire! The intentions you set during this cycle will carry you to your target, no matter how distant physically or mentally!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


Do you feel like you’re coming into your own right about now? Are there any intentions you would like to set related to your sense of self—maybe you even feel like totally reinventing yourself? This might also be a powerful time to reflect on the nature of your personal yoga practice, if you have one. If not, it is an auspicious time to set intentions around creating one. Try not to over-intellectualize, Gemini, as you can be prone to doing given your ruled-by-Mercury nature. Remember that yoga is an embodied and experiential practice. Higher learning is great, but sometimes we have to come back to what we feel and know to be true from within. What are you doing to nurture yourself? Are there any intentions you would like to set regarding your health—physical or mental? This new moon is all about nurturing YOU!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


You’re due for a retreat. Whether that involves traveling to a distant place or just turning inward through meditation, it is time to remove yourself from the outer world for a bit. If you can let go a little bit now, you will find a beautiful respite where you can charge your spiritual batteries. You may feel like doing some deep soul-searching now, and doing so would be greatly supported by the universe. It’s time to apply your nurturing nature to your own spiritual landscape. This could involve leaning into your meditation practice if you already have one, or cultivating a new one (including shaking up an existing practice!), or maybe you take a trip to some literal far away place!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


Have you been achieving your material and spiritual goals? Do you HAVE any spiritual or material goals? It’s a great time to dream big, and set intentions around how you’ll get there. Get creative! And if you’re ready to launch a new pursuit, go ahead, or simply get creative in your approach you’ve been taking. Refresh that fiery Leo passion of yours! If you’ve been feeling stuck, make sure your goals are in alignment with your dharma—or purpose in this life. If you’re unclear on your dharma, an astrology reading can help. Don’t forget to incorporate the help of your peers—our network circles can be powerful in helping us realize our goals. Practicing seva—selfless service to others—will also help the universe smile on you in your pursuit of spiritual and material wealth.


This is a good time to check in with your career. Are you feeling fulfilled through your work? Does it feel in alignment with your life’s purpose, or your dharma? If you’re unclear on your dharma, an astrology reading can help. Do you feel ready to take things to the next level? Maybe that is through bringing fresh perspectives to old work routines, or maybe it involves finally making a jump (however small) to a new career path that feels more in alignment for you. If you’ve had your eye on some continuing education related to your work, now is an excellent time to begin that (or look for something if you didn’t already have a course in mind). Your organized nature should really help here!


Are you living your dharma—or your righteous path in life? Use this time to get in touch with your beliefs, your philosophies, and your spiritual practices. This would be an auspicious time to set intentions around working with new spiritual teachers or gurus who can help you find or live our your dharma. If you already have a defined path—including your dharma and/or your spiritual practices/teachers—you still might benefit from a fresh perspective during this cycle. Maybe you shake up the routine by trying out a new yoga class, getting an astrology reading, or doing a new journaling exercise.


It’s time to go under the surface. Perhaps a spiritual awakening is nigh. If you have sparked an interest in yoga, kundalini, astrology, chakras, or other occult sciences, now would be a time that the universe supports you in higher learning in these areas to be reborn, much like a phoenix. Think death card in tarot vibes for this new moon! In order to be reborn, or to go through any kind of spiritual transformation, the prerequisite is death. Will it be ego death? A death of an old version of yourself that is not serving you any more? This transit has the potential to bring suffering, but since you are here reading this, you know how to work with the energy to navigate it gracefully! Go deep. Enlist the help of an esoteric or spiritual teacher or guide, or try out an astrology reading. And then let go and watch yourself grow!


The focus for you this new moon is on your intimate partner relationship(s). If you are in a committed relationship, the cosmos is asking you to rekindle and revitalize. Nurture your partner as well as yourself, and remember that the relationship is a separate entity from any of its participants that needs its own nurturing, also. If you are single, you may very well meet someone special during this time. You may also feel a rekindling of a desire for partnership, if that hasn’t been a priority for you. Whether you are in partnership or not, remember that relationships, especially those that are most intimate to us, are powerful spiritual mirrors to understand our own way of being in the world. This is a good time to parse out what is true of the relationship or for your partner, and what is a projection of yourself. Get back to basics—or try something completely fresh—when it comes to nurturing or rekindling desire in your love life.

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


Do your day-to-day habits need a little extra attention? Or do you have some debts you have been working to pay off? If you have any struggles that you have been trying to overcome—debts, enemies, self-discipline, etc—the stars are on your side to break free of cycles that don’t serve you during this time. Just make sure you set intentions that harness the powers of Punarvasu nakshatra, and you very well could see a “return to the light” in some of the darker or more challenging areas of your life. Utilize those abundant, nurturing qualities of this new moon when you prepare to put your intentions into action. Don’t forget to lean into your own grounded nature as well, Capricorn! Doing so could really help power up your routines, which ultimately are what will help you live the life of your dreams and overcome any struggle! Remember, the only way out is through, and every little bit counts.

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


What have you been trying to manifest? This new moon affects your sense of creativity and children (if you have them or want them!). In the Vedic tradition, birthing children is seen as the highest creative pursuit, but even if you don’t have or want kiddos, what big (potentially creative) projects have you been trying to birth into this world? Maybe you also have some purvapunya, or past life merit/natural gifts, that could assist you on the manifestation journey. Tap into that during this cycle, and the stars are aligned to help you become wildly successful! Remember, the divine feminine, including all of her creative and nurturing qualities are on your side during this cycle. Make sure you harness that energy, and then ready, aim, fire!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.


How is your inner world feeling? Is anything feeling off with your home life, or perhaps with your relationship to your mother? This cycle is a great time to set intentions around cultivating or strengthening areas of life that bring you peace and respite from the world. When you do so, your ability to step outside of your comfort zone and transform will be empowered! Remember, stability is the ultimate key to freedom, so root down and connect to your deep sense of comfort this new moon. That might look like developing or improving a meditation practice, or maybe you need to literally make your home more comfortable by sprucing it up or cleaning it out. Decide what inner peace means for you right now, and then set intentions to strengthen it!

If you’d like help in cultivating clarity around this, or more personalized insights, an astrology reading can help.

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