24. Venus, the Rose Lineage, and Divine Feminine Empowerment with Amber Brown-Short

This episode is RICH with resources, stories, and inspiration from Amber Brown-Short, a Divine Feminine Empowerment coach who uses archetypes, embodiment, and so much more to empower women. Amber's story is nothing short of amazing, and the insights she offers from an embodied place are SO valuable for anyone wanting to shift away from toxic masculinity culture and be reborn into confidence, empowerment, and self-healing.

Listen to discover how Amber works with motherhood as a spiritual awakening, her own somatic healing, and tuning into symbols and archetypes and the messages from the universe that they bring to now guide other people back to the divine feminine.

We talk about mythological archetypes that transcend many cultures. Just a few of the topics you will learn about on this episode include the rose lineage (sometimes called the "red thread"), rose medicine, the story and orbit of Venus, chakras and the underworld, and divine feminine awakening. My personal favorite insight Amber shared was how she uses astrology as a lens to understand the self, especially the movements of the sun, moon, and Venus.

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