Prepare for the Storm of Transformation: New Moon in Ardra Nakshatra (sidereal Gemini)

If you want to truly manifest some sh*t, it's time to quit riding the fence. This new moon (and other astrological happenings) might bring some turbulent times, much like a thunderstorm. But, in order to prepare to give birth to new endeavors and ways of being, sometimes we have to go through periods of destruction and upheaval. Then, the time AFTER the storm is ripe for rebirth. Tune into this episode to hear more about how to work with this energy, and join the membership to join our New Moon Circle, this Sunday, June 26th at 10am EST.

As always, remember I am a Vedic Astrologer, meaning I use the system of Jyotish which uses the Sidereal (rather than tropical) zodiac. You can get a free copy of your Vedic birth chart here.


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