Rest vs. True Rejuvenation when it comes to Soul Work - New Moon in Uttara Phalguni Sept 2023


Hallelujarrr there's a light at the end of the retograde tunnel, and this episode tells you how best to step through that with intentionality and success!

Tune in for yoga practices and journal prompts for the new moon in sidereal leo - in uttara phalguni nakshatra.

And, exciting announcment - waitlist enrollment for Astrology for Yogis opens tomorrow. What's Astrology for Yogis you ask??? Read on!

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Vedic astrology feels sooo vastly complex that it feels like you’ll never learn it all!
  • You have personally experienced the healing power of yoga, but can feel overwhelmed or stuck in a rut when trying to choose practices/theme classes—it’s hard to know what to focus on
  • It feels hard to find your voice as a yoga teacher - you feel stuck in a rut with cueing or sequencing inspiration, or struggle with impostor syndrome/constant comparison to other teachers

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Feel inspired more consistently, and feel empowered to practice (& teach) yoga more intuitively
  • Experience more clarity around your unique strengths and message, and step into your power more authentically
  • Get a break from the studio-run-around and have a way to work with your students more deeply—by adding astrology readings to your offerings

All of this is possible as a Vedic Astrologer, even if you’re brand new to it all or it feels overwhelming! And I can't wait to show you how...

Astrology for Yogis is a unique course that combines the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology with the practice of yoga, so you can learn to create personalized and therapeutic practices, and flow more ease-fully with the ever changing tides of life.

This course is designed for yoga practitioners, teachers, and enthusiasts who want to deepen their understanding of Vedic astrology (Jyotish) and learn how to use it to enhance their yoga practices and understand chart interpretation well enough to give readings.

This founders’ round will provide intimate mentorship so that you can discover how the alignment of the stars and planets can guide your yoga practice to flow with natural life-seasons and rhythms of the cosmos, and help you create meaningful and transformative experiences for your classes or home practice.

To do that, we’ll focus on three things:

1. Learn the Language of Vedic Astrology

With an embodied understanding of all the foundational elements of Jyotish, you will be able to confidently interpret Vedic charts (transits—gochara/prashna, and birth charts) without feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces to remember.

2. Embody the Energies

You will gain confidence in your knowledge of yoga philosophy and interpretation of charts by practicing and building sequences around astrological concepts—this is not included in ANY other Vedic Astrology course!

You will also feel more settled in your dharma (right path), as the course will include astrological considerations and yoga practices for finding your authentic voice.

3. Elevate your Yoga Practice (or Business)

Elevate your yoga practice by building flows around current transits and learn how to let your home practice flow with the changing tides of the cosmos and seasons

Expand your business by including astrological 1:1 sessions (private yoga or birth chart readings) in your offerings.

This training will also include considerations for marketing these offerings and approaching them from a trauma-informed lens.

Note that it is not required to be a 200 hour yoga teacher to join this course, but my experience has proven that if you’re reading this, even if you aren’t actively teaching or haven’t taken a training, you probably love yoga as much or more as any other teacher! Which means you’re a perfect fit for this program.

By the end of this course, you will be able to…

  • Analyze birth charts holistically to identify planetary strengths, weaknesses, and karmic patterns
  • Confidently interpret planetary transits and their effects on different areas of life
  • Create and implement personalized, therapeutic yoga practices for challenging planetary placements

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