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Manifesting with the Moon using Nakshatras

manifesting moon nakshatras vedic astrology concepts Aug 29, 2022

Do you feel a deep connection to the moon? Maybe you want to align your life to cosmic energy cycles, to create a better sense of flow. This may especially ring true if you feel that your energy waxes and wanes throughout the month, flowing like the phases of the moon.

Did you know that the moon changes signs approximately every two and a half days? The moon is the fastest moving celestial body we study in astrology.

This means studying where the moon is at any given time, especially when you know where your natal moon is (find out here if you don't know!) can give us the most accurate insight to the subtle changing energies of any given day.

Vedic astrology gives us a tool to get even more specific than the traditional 12 signs: Nakshatras. The moon changes Nakshatras approximately once a day, making it the perfect tool to have a deeper understanding of daily energies and how they may impact you!

When you have a deeper understanding of the energies at play, you can begin to notice patterns of how those impact you. This gives you the ability to better plan around what may be coming up.

With this knowledge, you can make quick and informed decisions around what to do when, because you'll know what activities are better suited for different energies, and when those energies are coming!

So, how do you get started? By learning knowing your chart and learning the Nakshatras!

What is a Nakshatra?

Nakshatra translates literally to “star” but they are often referred to as “lunar mansions” because lots of insight can be gained by looking at the moon’s nakshatra—either in your birth chart or on any given day 

There are 27 nakshatras, each one related to a prominent star in a constellation along the ecliptic (the path on which we see all the planets, signs, etc—where everything in astrology โœจhappensโœจ). Learn more about the ecliptic and the astronomy side of astrology in this podcast episode.

Since there are 27 nakshatras of them instead of just 12, like signs, the space they occupy is smaller, so planets travel faster through them than they do through signs.

Like with signs, each one has characteristics that “flavor” the energy of a planet as it passes through. These characteristics are often associated with the archetypes and mythology of the constellation or star itself. 

In classical Hindu texts, it is said that the Nakshatras were daughters of Daksha, and all married the Moon God, Chandra—probably hence why their relationship with the moon is so important. 

Want to test it out? 

You can look up your natal moon’s nakshatra by calculating your free Vedic birth chart here, and post about it in our Facebook community and I’ll reply with some characteristics to see if it resonates for you!

You can also join our community LIVE on Zoom every Monday for a gentle movement and guided meditation practice, and be updated weekly where the moon is and how to work with that energy! Details and sign up below:

Sign up for Moondays here. If you can't make it live, recordings are available in the membership.

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