Jupiter in Aries Special with Horoscopes for each Sign! (April 21, 2023-May 1, 2024)


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NOW, for the topic of this episode: Jupiter in Aries!

Important topics covered in this episode:

  •  Important dates for this transit (and the last time Jupiter was in Aries)
  •  Jupiter Gandanta - the spiritual knot - what it means and how to work with it
  •  Guru Chandal yoga - what it means and how it might show up in your life/do's and don'ts
  •  Overall energies to expect for the next year while Jupiter is in Aries,
  • What it's a good vs bad time for (things to lean into and pitfalls to watch out for)
  • Yoga practices to embody the Jupiter in Aries energy
  • Journal prompts to reflect on how you can harness this energy best in your life
  •  more about mercury rx challenge, upcoming program, and membership
  •  Sign by Sign interpretations - personalized horoscopes for you, based on your rising and moon signs

*the last 25ish minutes of the episode are for each sign, a minute or three each. Listen for your rising AND moon signs, which you can find by calculating your FREE Vedic Birth Chart here: https://www.yogiscopes.com/chart

As always, remember I am a Vedic Astrologer, meaning I use the system of Jyotish which uses the Sidereal (rather than tropical) zodiac. You can get a free copy of your Vedic birth chart here.


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